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Articles on Disclosure Avoidance (Part II)

23 Jul 2021 12:41 PM | Julia Wolf (Administrator)

(Click "Read more" below for July 23, 2021 update and link to Part I)

Articles and resources provided May 20, 2021 by Beth Jarosz and SDA Board

  • The Census Bureau's resources: (link)
  • You can find easy-to access data for your own analyses at NHGIS (link). We encourage you to conduct analyses in May 2021, as the deadline for feedback on redistricting data products is May 28, 2021.
  • The Census2020Now page offers a variety of resources and perspectives: (link)
  • CNSTAT held a workshop on the initial demonstration data. You can find CNSTAT workshop materials (presentations and recordings) (linkand report (link).

(Notes: These resources will remain at top of this thread for context. We changed the news series title to "disclosure avoidance" rather than "differential privacy" since DP is just one step in the DAS framework.)

  • Click here for a link to Part I of Articles on Disclosure Avoidance

(Updated July 23, 2021)

Article provided by Richelle L. Winkler, Jaclyn L. Butler, Katherine J. Curtis, and David Egan-Robertson 

  • Click here for an online link or click here for a PDF of their article "Differential Privacy and the Accuracy of County-Level Net Migration Estimates" published in Population Research and Policy Review
    • This paper analyzes the impact of DP on the accuracy of county level net migration estimates by five-year age group and Hispanic origin. Constructing net migration estimates for the 2010-2020 period would extend a popular dataset that goes back to the 1950s (netmigration.wisc.edu). Based on demonstration data released in spring 2020, net migration estimates by five-year age groups would only be accurate enough for use in about half of U.S. counties. Inaccuracies are larger in counties with populations less than 50,000, among age groups 65 and over, and among Hispanics. The higher epsilon the Census Bureau decided on in June 2021, should improve accuracy, but ultimately, the ability to generate accurate net migration estimates at the same level of detail as in the past (age-sex-race-Hispanic origin) will depend on the allocation of the privacy loss budget in the Demographic and Housing Characteristics (DHC) file.

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