Everett S. Lee Graduate Paper Award

In 2007, SDA renamed its annual graduate student paper award to honor the memory of Professor Everett Lee of the University of Georgia, who was one of our organization's founders.

The award is chosen by a committee appointed by the SDA President and including at least one FSU faculty member. Consideration is limited to previously unpublished papers.

To submit a paper for consideration for the Everett S. Lee Graduate Paper Award:

  • Submit an abstract for the SDA program by the due date
  • Submit a complete paper by e-mail attachment to Leafia Ye at ye43@wisc.edu by September 15th.

Paper Submission Requirements:

  1. Maximum page length is 20 pages, double spaced, including all figures, graphs, and tables, but not including the title page, abstract or bibliography.
  2. The paper need not be sole-authored, but all authors must be students.
  3. For award consideration, the paper must be on the SDA program and must be presented at the SDA meeting by the author.
  4. Each submission must include a separate cover page that addresses the following:
    • What is the research topic? (e.g., childhood obesity)
    • What is the research question? (e.g., How does mother's weight gain during pregnancy affect childhood weight at age two?)
    • Why is it important to answer this research question? Said another way, what gap in the scientific literature will this research address?
    • What is your specific hypothesis or hypotheses?
    • Specify the dependent and independent variables.
    • Describe the expected relationship between each of the dependent and independent variables.
    • Discuss the mechanisms through which the independent variables affect the dependent variables.
    • What is your methodology? If you are analyzing existing data, what data set are you using?

Past winners of the Everett S. Lee Award include:

2023: Kimberly McErlean, University of Texas at Austin

Structural Constraints, the Gendered Division of Labor, and Marital Stability across Social Classes

2022: Leafia Ye, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Persistent Legal Stratification: Childhood Undocumented Status and Socioeconomic Development throughout the Life Course


2018: Emma Zang, Duke University
Women's Educational Attainment and Fertility in the United States among Generation Xers

2017: Donghui Wang, Penn State University
No Country for Old People? Elders' Perceptions Toward Own-Aging, Modernization and Social Change in China

2016: Alexa Solazzo, Rice University
Different and Not Equal: How Poverty, Race, and State-Level Abortion Laws Shape Abortion Timing

2015: Laura L. Freeman, Rice University
Cumulative Inequality and Race/Ethnic Disparities in Low Birthweight: Differences in Childhood SES

2014: Stella Min, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Relationship Between Student Loan Debt and Fertility Among Female College Graduates

2013: Monica He, University of Pennsylvania
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Self-Rated Health: The Role of Residential Area Characteristics

2012: Isaac Sasson, University of Texas at Austin
Gender Differences in Depression following Late Widowhood: A Population Perspective

2011: Joseph Lariscy, University of Texas at Austin
The Long Plume of Childhood: Cigarette Smoking throughout the Life Course and Adult Mortality


2008: Benjamin J. Shultz, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Inside the Gilded Cage: The Lives of Latino Immigrant Males in Rural Central Kentucky

2007: Alexander Lu, Louisiana State University
Litigation and Subterfuge: Chinese Immigrant Mobilization during the Chinese Exclusion Era

2006: Phillip J. Ganberry, University of Massachusetts-Boston
All Meetings are Not the Same: Social Capital and the Wages of Mexican Women and Men


1992: Marion Hughes, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Economic Development and Infant Mortality: A Structural Equations Approach

1991: Adansi Amankwaa, Florida State University
World Economic Systems and International Migration in Less Developed Countries: An Ecological Approach, Published in International Migration, Quarterly Review, 1995. 33(1), 95-114.

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