30 Apr 2017

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Population Research and Policy Review

Neighborhood Priority or Desegregation Plans? A Spatial Analysis of Voting on San Francisco’s Student Assignment System

J-Curve? A Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression of Parity and Parental Mortality

Changing Australia’s Age Pension Qualification Age: Modelling Differential Effects by Race

Unemployment and Immigrant Receptivity Climate in Established and Newly Emerging Destination Areas

Childbearing Behavior Before and After the 1994 Population Policies in Ghana


Reply to Trends in Education-Specific Life Expectancy, Data Quality, and Shifting Education Distributions: A Note on Recent Research

Trends in Economic Homogamy: Changes in Assortative Mating or the Division of Labor in Marriage?

The Marriage Wealth Premium Revisited: Gender Disparities and Within-Individual Changes in Personal Wealth in Germany

Resolved Parental Infertility and Children’s Educational Achievement

Parenting in On/Off Relationships: The Link Between Relationship Churning and Father Involvement

Demographic Research

Setting the census household into its urban context: Visualizations from 19th-century Montreal (by Sherry Olson)

The convergence of second-generation immigrants' fertility patterns in France: The role of sociocultural distance between parents' and host country (by Ariane Pailhé)

Spatial modelling of rural infant mortality and occupation in 19th-century Britain (by Paul Atkinson, Brian Francis, Ian Gregory, Catherine Porter)

The impact of citizenship on intermarriage: Quasi-experimental evidence from two European Union Eastern enlargements (by Davide Azzolini, Raffaele Guetto)

The long-term determinants of marital fertility in the developed world (19th and 20th centuries): The role of welfare policies (by Jesús J. Sánchez-Barricarte)

Population and Development Review

Trends in Inter‐Birth Intervals in Developing Countries 1965–2014

Divorce and Separation in India

The Impact of Migration on Long‐Term European Population Trends, 1850 to Present

Age at First Birth and Later Life Health in Western and Eastern Europe

Trajectories of Ethnoracial Diversity in American Communities, 1980–2010

Population Studies

Bayesian demography 250 years after Bayes

Bayesian population reconstruction of female populations for less developed and more developed countries

The perplexing links between contraceptive sterilization and (dis)advantage in ten low-fertility countries

The contribution of a history of heavy smoking to Scotland's mortality disadvantage

A test of the stranger-interviewer norm in the Dominican Republic

Population, Space, and Place

Informalisation in Low-wage Labour Markets: a Case Study of the UK Food Industry

Negotiating Neoliberalism: Informalisation and Reformalisation of Industrial Relations in Norway's Agricultural Industry in the 21st Century

THE HUMAN RIGHT TO CITIZENSHIP: A SLIPPERY CONCEPT, R. E. Howard-Hassmann, M. Walton-Roberts University of Pennsylvania Press (Philadelphia), 2015. No of pages: x + 313, Price $58.87 (hardback), ISBN 978–008122–4717-6.

Issue Information

MIGRATION BORDERS FREEDOM Harald Bauder Routledge (London and New York) 2017. No of pages: 136, Price: $145 (hardback). ISBN 978-1-138-19560-8

Population and Environment

In-migration, customary land tenure, and complexity: exploring the relationship between changing land tenure norms and differentiated migrant livelihoods in Brong Ahafo, Ghana

Emerging issues in urban ecology: implications for research, social justice, human health, and well-being

Family planning and deforestation: evidence from the Ecuadorian Amazon

The asymmetric environmental consequences of population change: an exploratory county-level study of land development in the USA, 2001-2011

Investigating important interactions between water and food security for child health in Burkina Faso

Mathematical Population Studies

Insights into two-sex population models 2

Positivity of solutions in a perturbed age-structured model

Discontinuous-continuous Galerkin methods for population diffusion with finite life span

Reduced fertility and asymptotics of the logistic model

The logistic, age-structured, two-sex population model applied to U.S. demography