29 Nov 2015

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Population Research and Policy Review

Duty, Honor, Country, Disparity: Race/Ethnic Differences in Health and Disability Among Male Veterans

The Increasing Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity of Children and Youth in China, 1989–2009: An Age–Period–Cohort Analysis

Stress and Maternal Postpartum Depression: The Importance of Stress Type and Timing

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Use Among Active-Duty Military Personnel, Veterans, and Reservists

The Effect of Incarceration on Midlife Health: A Life-Course Approach


Return Migration to Mexico: Does Health Matter?

Immigration Enforcement, Parent–Child Separations, and Intent to Remigrate by Central American Deportees

Reviewer Acknowledgment

Reproductive History and Later-Life Comorbidity Trajectories: A Medicare-Linked Cohort Study From the Utah Population Database

Do Targeted Stipend Programs Reduce Gender and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Schooling Attainment? Insights From Rural Bangladesh

Demographic Research

Income sources and intergenerational transfers in different regimes: The case of East Germany's transformation (by Fanny Annemarie Kluge, Tobias Vogt)

Non-resident parent-child contact after marital dissolution and parental repartnering: Evidence from Italy (by Silvia Meggiolaro, Fausta Ongaro)

The educational integration of second generation southern Italian migrants to the north (by Gabriele Ballarino, Nazareno Panichella)

Earnings and first birth probability among Norwegian men and women 1995-2010 (by Rannveig Kaldager Hart)

Old age insurance participation among rural-urban migrants in China (by Qin Min, Yaer Zhuang, Hongyan Liu)

Population and Development Review

Low Fertility, Socioeconomic Development, and Gender Equity

The Demographic Promise of Expanded Female Education: Trends in the Age at First Birth in Malawi

Religion and Health in Early Childhood: Evidence from South Asia

Links Between Demographic and Kinship Transitions

Marriage Migration and Inequality in India, 1983–2008

Population Studies

Editorial Board

The claim that China's fertility restrictions contributed to the use of prenatal sex selection: A sceptical reappraisal

Premarital first births: The influence of the timing of sexual onset versus post-onset risks in the United States

Mapping the diversity of gender preferences and sex imbalances in Indonesia in 2010

Statistically tested comparisons of the accuracy of forecasting methods for age-specific and sex-specific mortality and life expectancy

Population, Space, and Place

Regional Differences in the Intergenerational Transmission of Family Size in Europe

Place Attachment and the Decision to Stay in the Neighbourhood

Changing Determinants of Low Fertility and Diffusion: a Spatial Analysis for Italy

Neighbours Helping Neighbours in Multi-ethnic Context

The Influence of Income, Lifestyle, and Green Spaces on Interregional Migration: Policy Implications for China

Population and Environment

Is divorce green? Energy use and marital dissolution

Assessing barriers to adaptation to climate change in coastal Tanzania: Does where you live matter?

Analyzing the impact of urban planning on population distribution in the Montreal metropolitan area using a small-area microsimulation projection model

Recreational amenities, rural migration patterns, and the Great Recession

Historical case studies of famines and migrations in the West African Sahel and their possible relevance now and in the future

Mathematical Population Studies

EOV Editorial Board

Modeling Acute Rheumatic Fever

Stability and Bifurcations in a Model of Bacteria Immunity with Quorum Sensing

Efficient Estimation in a Two-Stage Randomized Response Model