25 Oct 2014

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Population Research and Policy Review

Undercounting Urban Residents in Bolivia: A Small-Area Study of Census-Driven Migration

Child Support in Immigrant Families

State-Level 2010 Census Coverage Rates for Young Children

Networks Versus Need: Drivers of Urban Out-Migration in the Brazilian Amazon

Parenthood and Leaving Home in Young Adulthood


Comment on “The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Different-Sex Marriage: Evidence From the Netherlands”

How Do Working-Age People With Disabilities Spend Their Time? New Evidence From the American Time Use Survey

When Does Time Matter? Maternal Employment, Children’s Time With Parents, and Child Development

Body Size, Skills, and Income: Evidence From 150,000 Teenage Siblings

The Prevalence and Economic Value of Doubling Up

Demographic Research

Varying association between education and second births in Europe: Comparative analysis based on the EU-SILC data (by Martin Klesment, Allan Puur, Leen Rahnu, Luule Sakkeus)

Assimilation effects on infant mortality among immigrants in Norway: Does maternal source country matter? (by Jonas Kinge, Tom Kornstad)

Exploring the population implications of male preference when the sex probabilities at birth can be altered (by Frank T Denton, Byron G Spencer)

Race, color, and income inequality across the Americas (by Stanley Bailey, Aliya Saperstein, Andrew Penner)

Certainty of meeting fertility intentions declines in Europe during the 'Great Recession' (by Maria Rita Testa, Stuart Basten)

Population and Development Review

Trends in Causes of Death in Low‐Mortality Countries: Implications for Mortality Projections

Life‐Course Transitions and the Age Profile of Internal Migration

Nontraditional Family‐Related Attitudes in Japan: Macro and Micro Determinants

Effects of Parents' Migration on the Education of Children Left Behind in Rural China

A Transaction Cost Approach to Outsourcing by Households

Population Studies

Editorial Board

Cause-specific neonatal deaths in rural Bangladesh, 1987–2005: Levels, trends, and determinants

The gap between births intended and births achieved in 22 European countries, 2004–07

The impact of alcohol consumption on patterns of union formation in Russia 1998–2010: An assessment using longitudinal data

Socio-economic disparities in mortality among the elderly in China

Population, Space, and Place

Social Inequalities Through the Lens of Social Protection: Notes on the Transnational Social Question

Does Second-Home Ownership Trigger Migration in Later Life?

Talent Mobility and the Shifting Geographies of Latourian Knowledge Hubs

Issue Information

In-Between Stability and Subtle Changes: Urban Growth, Population Structure, and the City Life Cycle in Rome

Population and Environment

Conservation implications of the diffusion of Christian religious ideals in rural Africa

Contexts of reception, post-disaster migration, and socioeconomic mobility

The ecology of energy use: using the POET model to analyze consumption and intensity across nations 1970–2000

Change in visible impervious surface area in southeastern Michigan before and after the “Great Recession:” spatial differentiation in remotely sensed land-cover dynamics

Empirical research on international environmental migration: a systematic review

Mathematical Population Studies

Delay Differential Equations in Bio-Populations

Tractable Model of Malignant Gliomas Immunotherapy with Discrete Time Delays

Logistic Tumor Growth with Delay and Impulsive Treatment

A Mathematical Model of the Bioenergetic Processes in Green Plants

Logistic Equation with Treatment Function and Discrete Delays