27 Apr 2015

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Population Research and Policy Review

Gender Equity, Opportunity Costs of Parenthood, and Educational Differences in Unintended First Births: Insights from Japan

Teenage Cohabitation, Marriage, and Childbearing

Earnings of Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Paid Workers in Canadian Gateway and Non-gateway Metropolises

Employment and Occupational Mobility among Recently Arrived Immigrants: The Spanish Case 1997–2007

Portability of Human Capital and Immigrant Overeducation in Spain


A Research Note on Time With Children in Different- and Same-Sex Two-Parent Families

Sexual Mixing in Shanghai: Are Heterosexual Contact Patterns Compatible With an HIV/AIDS Epidemic?

From Parent to Child? Transmission of Educational Attainment Within Immigrant Families: Methodological Considerations

Evidence of Self-correction of Child Sex Ratios in India: A District-Level Analysis of Child Sex Ratios From 1981 to 2011

Birth Order and Mortality: A Population-Based Cohort Study

Demographic Research

On the age-specific correlation between fertility and female employment: Heterogeneity over space and time in OECD countries (by Uta Brehm, Henriette Engelhardt)

The timing of family commitments in the early work career: Work-family trajectories of young adults in Flanders (by Suzana Koelet, Helga de Valk, Ignace Glorieux, Ilse Laurijssen, Didier Willaert)

Europe-wide fertility trends since the 1990s: Turning the corner from declining first birth rates (by Marion Burkimsher)

The role of smoking on mortality compression: An analysis of Finnish occupational social classes, 1971-2010 (by Alyson van Raalte, Mikko Myrskylä, Pekka Martikainen)

Demography and the statistics of lifetime economic transfers under individual stochasticity (by Hal Caswell, Fanny Annemarie Kluge)

Population and Development Review

Trends in Causes of Death in Low‐Mortality Countries: Implications for Mortality Projections

Life‐Course Transitions and the Age Profile of Internal Migration

Nontraditional Family‐Related Attitudes in Japan: Macro and Micro Determinants

Effects of Parents' Migration on the Education of Children Left Behind in Rural China

A Transaction Cost Approach to Outsourcing by Households

Population Studies

Reviewers of papers submitted in 2013 and 2014

An age–period–cohort analysis of cancer incidence among the oldest old, Utah 1973–2002

Explaining religious differentials in family-size preference: Evidence from Nepal in 1996

An exploration of China's mortality decline under Mao: A provincial analysis, 1950–80

Sex preference for children in German villages during the fertility transition

Population, Space, and Place

Beyond Methodological Nationalism and Epistemological Behaviouralism: Drawing Illustrations from Migrations within and from China

Reimagining Transnational Relations: the Embodied Politics of Visiting Friends and Relatives Mobilities

Mobility and the Transiency of Social Spaces: African Merchant Entrepreneurs in China

Issue Information

Approaching Transnational Social Protection: Methodological Challenges and Empirical Applications

Population and Environment

Livelihoods, land use and land cover change in the Zambezi Region, Namibia

Recreational amenities, rural migration patterns, and the Great Recession

Historical case studies of famines and migrations in the West African Sahel and their possible relevance now and in the future

The ecology of energy use: using the POET model to analyze consumption and intensity across nations 1970–2000

Contexts of reception, post-disaster migration, and socioeconomic mobility

Mathematical Population Studies

Mixed-Mode Oscillations Due to a Singular Hopf Bifurcation in a Forest Pest Model

Time Cost of Children as Parents' Foregone Leisure

Changes in Precarious Employment Among South Korean Women