9 Feb 2016

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Population Research and Policy Review

Family Structure and Children’s Economic Well-Being: Incorporating Same-Sex Cohabiting Mother Families

Gentrification and Segregated Wealth in Rural America: Home Value Sorting in Destination Counties

Realizing Racial and Ethnic Neighborhood Preferences? Exploring the Mismatches Between What People Want, Where They Search, and Where They Live

Age-Specific Variation in Adult Mortality Rates in Developed Countries

Erosion of Advantage: Decomposing Differences in Infant Mortality Rates Among Older Non-Hispanic White and Mexican-Origin Mothers


Desired Fertility and Number of Children Born Across Time and Space

Ethnic Dimensions of Guatemala’s Stalled Transition: A Parity-Specific Analysis of Ladino and Indigenous Fertility Regimes

Age-Specific Correlates of Child Growth

Pioneers of Gentrification: Transformation in Global Neighborhoods in Urban America in the Late Twentieth Century

A Middle Ground? Residential Mobility and Attainment of Mixed-Race Couples

Demographic Research

Non-standard work schedules, gender, and parental stress (by Mariona Lozano, Dana Hamplová, Céline Le Bourdais)

Remittances and risk of major depressive episode and sadness among new legal immigrants to the United States (by Eliva Ambugo, Jenjira Yahirun)

An implicit ambivalence-indifference dimension of childbearing desires in the National Survey of Family Growth (by Warren Miller, Jo Jones, David Pasta)

Gender Inequalities in Employment and Wage-earning among Economic Migrants in Chinese Cities (by Qin Min, James Brown, Sabu Padmadas, Li Bohua, Qi Jianan, Jane Falkingham)

The quality of demographic data on older Africans (by Sara Randall, Ernestina Coast)

Population and Development Review

Low Fertility, Socioeconomic Development, and Gender Equity

The Demographic Promise of Expanded Female Education: Trends in the Age at First Birth in Malawi

Religion and Health in Early Childhood: Evidence from South Asia

Links Between Demographic and Kinship Transitions

Marriage Migration and Inequality in India, 1983–2008

Population Studies

Editorial Board

The claim that China's fertility restrictions contributed to the use of prenatal sex selection: A sceptical reappraisal

Premarital first births: The influence of the timing of sexual onset versus post-onset risks in the United States

Mapping the diversity of gender preferences and sex imbalances in Indonesia in 2010

Statistically tested comparisons of the accuracy of forecasting methods for age-specific and sex-specific mortality and life expectancy

Population, Space, and Place

Transnational Mobilities as a Way of Life Among Older Migrants from Southern Europe

Remaking Urban Segregation: Processes of Income Sorting and Neighbourhood Change

Mothers' Mobility after Separation: Do Grandmothers Matter?

Discordant Lifestyle Mobilities in East Asia: Privilege and Precarity of British Retirement in Thailand

Fertility and Child Mortality in Urban West Africa: Leveraging Geo-Referenced Data to Move Beyond the Urban/Rural Dichotomy

Population and Environment

Climate shocks and migration: an agent-based modeling approach

Land use as a mediating factor of fertility in the Amazon

Newcomers and oldtimers: Do classification methods matter in the study of amenity migration impacts in rural America?

By all measures: an examination of the relationship between segregation and health risk from air pollution

Is divorce green? Energy use and marital dissolution

Mathematical Population Studies

EOV Editorial Board

Modeling Acute Rheumatic Fever

Stability and Bifurcations in a Model of Bacteria Immunity with Quorum Sensing

Efficient Estimation in a Two-Stage Randomized Response Model