22 Dec 2014

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Population Research and Policy Review

Fertility Decline, Gender Composition of Families, and Expectations of Old Age Support

Conflicts in the Use of the ACS by Federal Agencies Between Statutory Requirements and Survey Methodology

Mandating Prescription Contraception Coverage: Effects on Contraception Consumption and Preventive Health Services

Educational Attainment and Timing to First Union Across Three Generations of Mexican Women

Undercounting Urban Residents in Bolivia: A Small-Area Study of Census-Driven Migration


Fertility Decline and Child Schooling in Urban Settings of Burkina Faso

Can We Spin Straw Into Gold? An Evaluation of Immigrant Legal Status Imputation Approaches

Evidence of Self-correction of Child Sex Ratios in India: A District-Level Analysis of Child Sex Ratios From 1981 to 2011

Heterogeneity in Expected Longevities

How Do Working-Age People With Disabilities Spend Their Time? New Evidence From the American Time Use Survey

Demographic Research

Divergence without decoupling: Male and female life expectancy usually co-move (by Andrew Noymer, Viola Van)

Heterophily in rural Malawi: A small-area observational study of social interaction (by Alexander A. Weinreb)

Family size and intra-family inequalities in education in Ouagadougou (by James Lachaud, Visseho Adjiwanou, Thomas LeGrand, K., Jean-François Kobiané)

The declining effect of sibling size on children's education in Costa Rica (by Jing Li, William H. Dow, Luis Rosero-Bixby)

Lab experiments in demographic fieldwork: Understanding gender dynamics in Africa (by F. Nii-Amoo Dodoo, Christine Horne, Naa Dodua Dodoo)

Population and Development Review

Trends in Causes of Death in Low‐Mortality Countries: Implications for Mortality Projections

Life‐Course Transitions and the Age Profile of Internal Migration

Nontraditional Family‐Related Attitudes in Japan: Macro and Micro Determinants

Effects of Parents' Migration on the Education of Children Left Behind in Rural China

A Transaction Cost Approach to Outsourcing by Households

Population Studies

Editorial Board

Cause-specific neonatal deaths in rural Bangladesh, 1987–2005: Levels, trends, and determinants

The gap between births intended and births achieved in 22 European countries, 2004–07

The impact of alcohol consumption on patterns of union formation in Russia 1998–2010: An assessment using longitudinal data

Socio-economic disparities in mortality among the elderly in China

Population, Space, and Place

A Room of One's Own: Highly Educated Migrants' Strategies for Creating a Home in Guangzhou

Informal Social Protection Networks of Migrants: Typical Patterns in Different Transnational Social Spaces

Transnational Social Protection: Migrants' Strategies and Patterns of Inequalities

The Role of Education at Young and Older Ages in Explaining Health Inequalities in Europe

On the Assemblages of Informal and Formal Transnational Social Protection

Population and Environment

Environmental aspects of internal migration in Tanzania

Chicago residents’ perceptions of air quality: objective pollution, the built environment, and neighborhood stigma theory

Land grabbing: a preliminary quantification of economic impacts on rural livelihoods

Exploring spatial patterns of carbon emissions in the USA: a geographically weighted regression approach

An empirical model to predict arsenic pollution affected life expectancy

Mathematical Population Studies

Editorial Board EOV

Risky Time Prospects and Travel Demand

Risk Aversion in Travel Mode Choice with Rank-Dependent Utility

Travelers' Day-to-Day Route Choice Behavior with Real-Time Information in a Congested Risky Network

Variability of Travel Time, Congestion, and the Cost of Travel