7 Jul 2015

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Population Research and Policy Review

Evaluating Linearly Interpolated Intercensal Estimates of Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics of U.S. Counties and Census Tracts 2001–2009

The Increasing Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity of Children and Youth in China, 1989–2009: An Age–Period–Cohort Analysis

Erosion of Advantage: Decomposing Differences in Infant Mortality Rates Among Older Non-Hispanic White and Mexican-Origin Mothers

Realizing Racial and Ethnic Neighborhood Preferences? Exploring the Mismatches Between What People Want, Where They Search, and Where They Live

The Effects of Household Technology on Body Mass Index among Chinese Adults


Better for Baby? The Retreat From Mid-Pregnancy Marriage and Implications for Parenting and Child Well-being

Effect of Registered Partnership on Labor Earnings and Fertility for Same-Sex Couples: Evidence From Swedish Register Data

Career and Family Choices Among Elite Liberal Arts Graduates

A New Piece of the Puzzle: Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Physical Health Status

Epidemiological Paradox or Immigrant Vulnerability? Obesity Among Young Children of Immigrants

Demographic Research

A resurgence of black identity in Brazil? Evidence from an analysis of recent censuses (by Vítor Miranda)

An assessment of recent Iranian fertility trends using parity progression ratios (by Peter McDonald, Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi, Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Arash Rashidian)

Cumulative risks of paternal and maternal incarceration in Denmark and the United States (by Christopher Wildeman, Lars H. Andersen)

Partnership dynamics among migrants and their descendants in Estonia (by Leen Rahnu, Allan Puur, Luule Sakkeus, Martin Klesment)

Long-term consequences of adolescent fertility: The Colombian case (by B. Piedad Urdinola, Carlos Ospino)

Population and Development Review

Re‐theorizing Family Demographics

Internal Migration and Development: Comparing Migration Intensities Around the World

Slum Definitions in Urban India: Implications for the Measurement of Health Inequalities

Childbearing within Marriage and Consensual Union in Latin America, 1980–2010

Long‐Term Contribution of Immigration to Population Renewal in Canada: A Simulation

Population Studies

Reviewers of papers submitted in 2013 and 2014

An age–period–cohort analysis of cancer incidence among the oldest old, Utah 1973–2002

Explaining religious differentials in family-size preference: Evidence from Nepal in 1996

An exploration of China's mortality decline under Mao: A provincial analysis, 1950–80

Sex preference for children in German villages during the fertility transition

Population, Space, and Place

Migration and Social Cohesion: Appraising the Resilience of Place in London

Issue Information

Modelling Mover/Stayer Characteristics across the Life Course Using a Large Commercial Sample

Spatial Variation in the Hispanic Paradox: Mortality Rates in New and Established Hispanic US Destinations

Strategic Lifestyle Management in Later Life: Swedish Lifestyle Movers in Malta Seeking the ‘Best of Both Worlds’

Population and Environment

Marine protected areas and children’s dietary diversity in the Philippines

Now there is no land: a story of ethnic migration in a protected area landscape in western Uganda

Can glacial retreat lead to migration? A critical discussion of the impact of glacier shrinkage upon population mobility in the Bolivian Andes

Conservation implications of the diffusion of Christian religious ideals in rural Africa

The influence of environmental factors on childhood fever during the rainy season in an African city: a multilevel approach in Dakar, Senegal

Mathematical Population Studies

Mixed-Mode Oscillations Due to a Singular Hopf Bifurcation in a Forest Pest Model

Time Cost of Children as Parents' Foregone Leisure

Changes in Precarious Employment Among South Korean Women