28 Jul 2016

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Population Research and Policy Review

Effects of Minority Status and Perceived Discrimination on Mental Health

Assessing the Predictive Value of Fertility Expectations Through a Cognitive–Social Model

The Effects of Allostatic Load on Racial/Ethnic Mortality Differences in the United States

What Will You Do If I Say ‘I Do’?: The Effect of the Sex Ratio on Time Use within Taiwanese Married Couples

Challenges in Measuring and Studying Multipartnered Fertility in American Survey Data


Racial Inequality in Education in Brazil: A Twins Fixed-Effects Approach

Gendered Authorship and Demographic Research: An Analysis of 50 Years of Demography

Socioeconomic Segregation in Large Cities in France and the United States

The Effect of Schooling on Mortality: New Evidence From 50,000 Swedish Twins

Life Expectancy Among U.S.-born and Foreign-born Older Adults in the United States: Estimates From Linked Social Security and Medicare Data

Demographic Research

Differences in perinatal health between immigrant and native-origin children: Evidence from differentials in birth weight in Spain (by Hector Cebolla-Boado, Leire Salazar)

My house or our home? Transitions into sole home ownership in British couples (by Philipp Lersch, Sergi Vidal)

Spatial attraction in migrants' settlement patterns in the city of Catania (by Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo)

Sigma and beta convergence in regional mortality: A case study of the Netherlands (by Fanny Janssen, Anthe van den Hende, Joop A.A. de Beer, Leo J.G. van Wissen)

Pragmatic tradition or romantic aspiration? The causes of impulsive marriage and early divorce among women in rural Malawi (by Anais Bertrand-Dansereau, Shelley Clark)

Population and Development Review

Trends in Inter‐Birth Intervals in Developing Countries 1965–2014

Divorce and Separation in India

The Impact of Migration on Long‐Term European Population Trends, 1850 to Present

Age at First Birth and Later Life Health in Western and Eastern Europe

Trajectories of Ethnoracial Diversity in American Communities, 1980–2010

Population Studies

Bayesian demography 250 years after Bayes

Bayesian population reconstruction of female populations for less developed and more developed countries

The perplexing links between contraceptive sterilization and (dis)advantage in ten low-fertility countries

The contribution of a history of heavy smoking to Scotland's mortality disadvantage

A test of the stranger-interviewer norm in the Dominican Republic

Population, Space, and Place

Does Neighbourhood Ethnic Concentration in Early Life Affect Subsequent Labour Market Outcomes? A Study across Ethnic Groups in England and Wales

International Experience in the Academic Field: Knowledge Production, Symbolic Capital, and Mobility Fetishism

Issue Information

The Transnational Migration Strategies of Chinese and Indian Students in Australia

The Impact of Internal Migration on Population Redistribution: an International Comparison

Population and Environment

Climigration? Population and climate change in Arctic Alaska

The role of environmental perceptions in migration decision-making: evidence from both migrants and non-migrants in five developing countries

Climate, migration, and the local food security context: introducing Terra Populus

Why populations persist: mobility, place attachment and climate change

Disasters, migrations, and the unintended consequences of urbanization: What’s the harm in getting out of harm’s way?

Mathematical Population Studies

Insights into two-sex population models 2

Positivity of solutions in a perturbed age-structured model

Discontinuous-continuous Galerkin methods for population diffusion with finite life span

Reduced fertility and asymptotics of the logistic model

The logistic, age-structured, two-sex population model applied to U.S. demography