28 Aug 2014

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Latest Results for Population Research and Policy Review

Teenage Cohabitation, Marriage, and Childbearing

Race-Ethnic Differences in the Non-marital Fertility Rates in 2006–2010

Demographic Characteristics of Lesbian Parents in the United States

Cigarette Smoking in Same-Sex and Different-Sex Unions: The Role of Socioeconomic and Psychological Factors

Research Note: US Census Same-Sex Couple Data: Adjustments to Reduce Measurement Error and Empirical Implications

Latest Results for Demography

Gender Pay Gap and Employment Sector: Sources of Earnings Disparities in the United States, 1970–2010

Rural-to-Urban Migration and Sexual Debut in Thailand

Beyond Transmission: Intergenerational Patterns of Family Formation Among Middle-Class American Families

Muslim and Hindu Women’s Public and Private Behaviors: Gender, Family, and Communalized Politics in India

Happiness: Before and After the Kids

Demographic Research

Age patterns of racial/ethnic/nativity differences in disability and physical functioning in the United States (by Jennifer Melvin, Robert Hummer, Irma Elo, Neil Mehta)

Attrition in the Austrian Generations and Gender Survey: Is there a bias by fertility-relevant aspects? (by Isabella Buber-Ennser)

Fertility and the fast-track: Continued childbearing among professionals in Sweden, 1991-2009 (by Maria Stanfors)

Software for multistate analysis (by Frans J. Willekens, Hein Putter)

The labour trajectories of immigrant women in Spain: Are there signs of upward social mobility? (by Elena Vidal-Coso, Pau Miret-Gamundi)

Latest Issue of Population and Development Review

Trends in Causes of Death in Low‐Mortality Countries: Implications for Mortality Projections

Life‐Course Transitions and the Age Profile of Internal Migration

Nontraditional Family‐Related Attitudes in Japan: Macro and Micro Determinants

Effects of Parents' Migration on the Education of Children Left Behind in Rural China

A Transaction Cost Approach to Outsourcing by Households

Latest Issue of Population Studies

The impact of socio-economic status on net fertility during the historical fertility decline: A comparative analysis of Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and the USA

The dangers of conditioning on the time of occurrence of one demographic process in the analysis of another

Divergences in trends in child and adult mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: Survey evidence on the survival of children and siblings

Improved measures for the cross-national comparison of age profiles of internal migration

The educational gradient in marital disruption: A meta-analysis of European research findings

Population, Space and Place

Engaging Migrants in Translocal Partnerships: the Case of Dutch–Moroccan and Dutch–Turkish Municipal Partnerships

Issue Information

A Long-Standing Demographic East–West Divide in Germany

Free Movement? The Onward Migration of EU Citizens Born in Somalia, Iran, and Nigeria

Impacts of Service and Infrastructure Provision on Indigenous Temporary Mobility in the Northern Territory of Australia: Insights from the 2011 Census

Latest Results for Population and Environment

Empirical research on international environmental migration: a systematic review

Environmental quality and fertility: the effects of plant density, species richness, and plant diversity on fertility limitation

Climate-related migration in rural Bangladesh: a behavioural model

Using satellite remote sensing and household survey data to assess human health and nutrition response to environmental change

Long-term dynamics of household size and their environmental implications

Latest Issue of Mathematical Population Studies

Delay Differential Equations in Bio-Populations

Tractable Model of Malignant Gliomas Immunotherapy with Discrete Time Delays

Logistic Tumor Growth with Delay and Impulsive Treatment

A Mathematical Model of the Bioenergetic Processes in Green Plants

Logistic Equation with Treatment Function and Discrete Delays